Brand Story

Jian Kwang Thirty years Brand Story

“The brand is the first impression of the company imagine.”

Jian Kwang insists to provide the best and the most friendly service to you. The symbol of Jian Kwang is built up with red of the sun and green of Ali Mountain which represent the continuity, trust and geniality of Taiwan. It’s also the guideline for the employees to work as the team and reach the goal together. Jian Kwang will always show respect to you and our associates as we respect our employees and machines.


New Brand Story


新品牌將見光的羅馬拼音簡單化,以JKM來代表見光機械,更能完整單一地將意念轉化給國內外客人,將品牌更容易琅琅上口,顏色上更承襲了見光機械三十年的紅綠朝日與高山對比, 將機械產品形象化,轉化成各式各樣的塑膠粒外型,以強調見光的各類造粒機的永續經營性。